Monthly Archives: February 2015

This is a new step for me. Today I am joining up with others to write for five minutes using the one-word prompt – When – given by Five Minute Friday.  The idea is to just write. No over-thinking, over-editing, or obsessing. Just write for five minutes.  So here it goes…..

When? I ask myself this question multiple times a day it seems. When will my 18-month-old ever sleep through the night? When will I ever get this self-control thing under control? When will my kids ever understand that I have their best interest at heart when I tell them, “no”….(Well most of the time I have their best interest at heart, because honestly sometimes I am just taking the lazy way out.)…When will I ever get rid of the mental and physical clutter in my life and focus on what I really want my life to be about – pointing others to Jesus and His abundant joy and purpose?

Exhale. Realign my focus. Jesus is here in this moment. In the wondering. He offers serenity and peace when all we have are questions. His plans are good. He will hold my hand through every step. He loves me just as I am. He is not waiting for me to arrive with all my bad habits and selfish attitudes neatly taken care of.  He is just asking, “When will you trust me and let me guide you step by step?”

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

Isaiah 26:3 New International Version (NIV)